Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Jun 6, 2017

June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. According to the National Council on Aging, approximately 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 60 have experienced some form of elder abuse, which could include physical abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation among other forms. These numbers may even be an underestimate, according to the Council, because elder abuse is seriously under-reported. Sadly, around 60% of the perpetrators of elder abuse are family members of the victim, usually an adult child or spouse.

Everyone should be mindful of potential signs of elder abuse and know how to make a report. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, some red flags of potential elder neglect could include:

  • Lack of basic hygiene, adequate food, or clean and appropriate clothing
  • Lack of medical aids (glasses, walker, teeth, hearing aid, medications)
  • Home cluttered, filthy, in disrepair, or having fire and safety hazards
  • Home without adequate facilities (stove, refrigerator, heat, cooling, working plumbing, and electricity)

Anyone who suspects an act of elder abuse should be encouraged to call the appropriate authorities. In Georgia, the most direct contact numbers are:

  • 866-552-4464 (Central Access and Long Term Care Ombudsman)
  • 888-774-0152 (for suspected elder mistreatment in the home)
  • 404-657-5250 (for suspected elder mistreatment in the home, Metro-Atlanta area)
  • 800-878-6442 (for suspected elder mistreatment in long-term care facilities)
  • 404-657-5728 (for suspected elder mistreatment in long-term care facilities, Metro-Atlanta area)

Disclaimer: All materials have been prepared for general information purposes so that can learn more about our firm and services. The information presented above is not legal advice and is not to be acted on as such. While we strive to present accurate information at the time of writing, it may not be current and is subject to change without notice.

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